Monday, July 13, 2015

A week of miracles!

Subject: A week of miracles!
Date: Mon, 13 Jul 2015 17:07:13 -0600

Good afternoon family!

This week has been amazing for Monica!  At her baptismal exception
interview last week, the mission president told her she needed to keep
the Word of Wisdom in order to be baptized this month.  Essentially,
she was involved in an accident a few years ago, and has been using an
illegal substance to numb the pain which results from it.  She has
been clean for the whole week!  She still goes through the pain, but
she has started turning to the Lord in prayer.  We gave her a blessing
when she was going through a lot of pain, and she described a warmth
that just ran down the side of her body and numbed the pain.  She is
incredible, and she is getting baptized this Saturday!  As kind of a
cherry on top, she and her husband were getting rid of some shoes, and
there was a pair of beautiful brown Italian leather shoes that fit me
perfectly!  I'm excited to wear them!  I'll wear them this week with
my taupe suit (Dad, you look so handsome in that suit!).

On Saturday, we went to the Jordan River Temple to see a recent
convert do baptisms for the dead, and to see a convert of Elder Aviles
receive his endowment.  We did the session in Spanish, which was
really cool!

On Wednesday, we had a zone conference with President Palmer.  It was
okay.... It is strange coming from President Chambers, who is very
formal, to this mission, which is much less formal.  But I will
adjust.  The Lord put me here for a reason.

Sorry for the brevity!  We've been running around all day.  But all is
well!  Tell Brother C......... congratulations!  That is so exciting!
Mom, please don't kill yourself planning this wedding;)  have a
fantastic week!

Elder Jared Weller

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