Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Good week, bad week, busy week, sad week

Subject: Good week, bad week, busy week, sad week
Date: Mon, 29 Jun 2015 15:33:17 -0600

Dear family,

This has been a crazy week!  It was our last week in the SLC South mission.  On Friday, we had our last meeting with President and Sister Chambers.  It was wonderful, but sad at the same time.  We now have a brand new mission president in the West mission, President Palmer.  I am excited, but at the same time nervous about this change.  But I know that this is where God wants me to be.

I loved the pictures of Trevor.  You know why?  Because I listened to his MTC companion and best friend give his homecoming talk yesterday!  No joke!  Elder Ferguson was talking about this redneck missionary that he absolutely hated at first, but came to love as they followed each other throughout their mission.  He then mentioned that it was Elder Mott from a little town called Snohomish, WA.  I'll try to take a picture with him sometime so you can show Trevor!
Yesterday, in one of our sacrament meetings, we were told about some foreign exchange students from Brazil.  We went over and talked to them, and then went to the Gospel Principles class with them.  Last night, we took our friend Daniel (the one you met while we were skyping) to teach them, since he served his mission in Portugal.  It was so cool!  Spanish and Portuguese are so similar that we could understand each other most of the time.  They both accepted to be baptized on July 18th!  
Now for a bit of bad news:  also yesterday, one of our investigators, who was on date to be baptized on July 11th, may or may not be baptized on that day.  However, she is still determined to be baptized!  She will be cooking us dinner tonight!
On Friday, Elder Aviles had to go to a breakfast for the missionaries who are going home next month, so I went with Elder Blanda, one of our senior missionaries, for a couple hours.  He took me to IHOP, where I had cream cheese-stuffed French toast with peaches.  I know your opinion about IHOP Mom and Dad, but that was pretty good!  Afterward, Elder Aviles and I were invited to help out at one of our ward's youth conference.  Each youth was called on a mission, and we were their MTC teachers.  We showed them how to teach the first lesson.  It was an awesome experience!
On Thursday, we went on splits with the leadership in one of the wards.  My split and I went to see a crazy old guy whom I talked to before.  I won't get into details, but he told us some pretty crazy things.  I couldn't even get a word in edgewise!  
This week I also saw the Batmobile!  No kidding, it looked just like the Batmobile!  It was a Polaris Slingshot, which is basically a 3 wheeled roadster.  
It has been so hot here!  I like it, but I don't...  But hey, it's better than the cold!
I'm glad everyone had a good week!  I'm glad Trek went well, and that the wedding plans are progressing.  I appreciate all your prayers!  Have a wonderful week!  Have a safe 4th!
Elder Jared Weller 
P.s. Don't send mail to the South mission anymore.  I will let you know next week where to send it!

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Mission #2!

Subject: Mission #2!
Date: Mon, 22 Jun 2015 16:52:50 -0600

Hi everyone!

I loved seeing the pictures of the Father's Day dinner!  A few
coincidences: On Saturday, I also had sandwiches with French dip, and
also, I had IBC root beer last night!  I'll send a picture.

So crazy news!  I am being reassigned to the SLC West mission!
Apparently they will send an "official" call letter to you, if they
haven't already.  But we are getting a new mission president and
everything, so it will be a lot of fun!  I'm still in Copper Hills
with Elder Aviles, but they will be having exchanges again next week.
Rumor has it that they will be moving the South missionaries who are
switching over to the heart of the West mission, so we will see what

Unfortunately, half of our district (the best district ever!) was
transferred out, so we have a few new missionaries from the West
mission.  I'll send some district pictures as well.

So on Wednesday, we went to see one of our investigators.  She knew
that she was going to be baptized, but she was reluctant to set a
specific date.  However, during that lesson, the Spirit whispered a
date to her, and she knew that it was right!  She will be baptized on
July 11th!  We saw her again today, and her entire demeanor has
changed.  She is super happy, and she kept telling us how excited she
is for her baptism.

On Thursday, the Gomez's (our landlords) left for a 3 week trip to
Peru.  I don't know if I already told you, but Sister Gomez's sister
recently had a stroke, and is now living with them.  While they are
gone, the stake has organized for people to go every day to take care
of her.  However, most of them don't speak Spanish, and don't know her
routine, so we typically help out a lot during the morning.  It has
been an interesting experience.

This week was HOT, and it looks like it will stay that way for a
while.  It has broken 100 degrees a couple of times.  I love it, but
at the same time, I'm not used to it yet.  But all things come with
time.  At least I am not having bloody noses anymore!  Solution: put a
little bit of Vaseline into my nose every morning.  It really works!

Those are the highlights from my week!  Things are going well.  I know
Heavenly Father is hearing your prayers for me and for my
investigators!  Have a wonderful week!

Elder Jared Weller

Mission realignment

Date: Mon, 22 Jun 2015 18:48:50 +0000
Subject: Mission realignment


Utah Salt Lake City South Mission
8060 South 615 East
Sandy, Utah 84070

June 22, 2015

Dear Missionary Parents,

Some of the mission boundaries in our mission were realigned, and new missions created. This  made it necessary for some of our missionaries  here in the Utah Salt Lake City South Mission to be reassigned to new missions. This will take place on June 29th.

Elder Weller  has been reassigned to the West  Mission. President L. Scott Palmer  is the new Mission President presiding over the new Utah SLC West Mission. The mission office is located at 3150 W. Whitehall Dr. West Valley City , Utah . If you need to contact the mission  staff  Elder and Sister Roblyer will be available at 801-839-5547  with any questions you may have.

If your son or daughter was planning on returning home with the July transfers, they will be returning home the same day as was planned previously.

We wanted to personally tell you of our love for each of these missionaries. It is hard to see them leave, but know they’re continuing to do the Lord’s work. They will always be our missionaries!

Kindest personal regards,
President Chambers
Robert E. Chambers
Mission President

Monday, June 15, 2015

Those Mothers in Utah Spoil Me with Pics of Jared!

Message on my cell:
"Just enjoyed having your son over for dinner."

I think Jared's comp. is really bringing him out of his shell.  Pictures like this are VERY uncharacteristic of him.  He is such a funny kid!  I love him to bits!!

The best of times and the worst of times...

Subject: The best of times and the worst of times...
Date: Mon, 15 Jun 2015 12:36:21 -0600

Good afternoon everyone!

This has been a pretty interesting week.  First of all, I must admit
something that I didn't have the heart to tell you about last week.  I
developed some form of athletes foot last week, and it got really
infected.  Elder Aviles and I tried washing it and wrapping it
multiple times, but it kept getting worse.  Finally, I called my
nurse, only to find that both she and the mission doctor were out of
town.  So I got in touch with one of the other nurses, and she sent me
to the clinic this past Wednesday, where they prescribed me some anti
fungal cream and antibiotic pills.  All I can say is "thank goodness
for missionary insurance!".  I am happy to report that the infection
is now gone, and the skin on my foot is healing and regenerating

Other than the situation with my foot, it was a great week.  We have
been working with someone who removed her name from the church a few
years ago due to some doubts.  She has gone through a lot in the past
few years.  On Tuesday, she called us, and asked us to come over so
she could share some private information with us.  She shared some
experiences, and told us how she didn't feel that she could repent,
because of the bad choices that she had made.  We testified of God's
love for her, and of our love for her, and told her that no sin is
beyond the reach of the Atonement.  She was really comforted.  She
really wants to turn her life around.  She has been noticing a lot of
blessings in her life lately, and she will be talking to the bishop
this week!  It is really cool to see the gospel work in someone's life
who is just desperate.

On Saturday, the elders in our district had two baptisms!  I had the
opportunity to teach each of these investigators, so it was really
cool to see them be baptized!  One was especially special, and the
Spirit was so strong!  It is a woman whose son is a member, and after
a long time, she has finally joined the church as well.  Funny story:
it turns out that her son married the daughter of one of the bishops
in OUR stake, so it was a surprise to run into our bishop at the

Yesterday we had an awesome experience!  We conferred the Aaronic
Priesthood upon Branden, our recent convert!  Now he can go to the
temple and do baptisms for the dead!  Also, we taught some youth in
one of our wards how to be missionaries.  It was a really cool little

Transfer calls are tomorrow!  I am really excited/anxious to find out
where I am going!

So I think that's it from me!  Shaney, I am so glad that you were able
to go through the temple!  I hope you all have a fantastic week!
Challenge:  count your many blessings one by one this week!

Elder Jared Weller

P's:  So to answer your questions Mom, I'm okay with wherever the Lord sends
me.  And the autistic kid we're teaching is high functioning, but the
problem is he claims that he doesn't like church, so his mom wants us
to try to help him find an interest for it.  And don't worry, I knew I
was eating tongue!  At least I haven't eaten menudo yet (essentially
cow intestines)!  I think that covered all of them.  Have a fantastic

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Saturday, June 13, 2015

Picture of Jared!

Hi!  We just had dinner with your son.  What a great missionary he is!  Strong testimony, amazing missionary!  You should be proud of raising such an amazing young man.  Thanks for sharing him with us.

June 13, 2015

Monday, June 8, 2015

New mission call?!

Subject: New mission call?!
Date: Mon, 8 Jun 2015 15:35:51 -0600

Hi everyone!

This week has been fantastic, for the most part.  Sorry for my short
letter last week!  We had a district activity at a cool park in
Copperton, and I had to rush to finish before 6:00.  But we just
played around, ate watermelon, and took pictures.  It was great!

Best district ever!

I love the engagement pictures!  And I can't believe that Melly got
baptized!  Tell her I am super proud and happy for her!

So each month, we have a mission training plan, which focuses on one
aspect of our work.  This month, we have been asked to go through the
12 week training that all missionaries go through when they enter the
field.  Going back to the basics!

On Wednesday, I went on an exchange with Elder Azevedo.  He is the one
from Auburn.  We were teaching someone in Copperton, when a windstorm
blew through.  We could hear the wind whistling past the house!  I
later heard that the winds that night got up to 70 mph that night!
Also, Wednesday morning (before the exchange), we went to a pancake
breakfast they were doing at the seminary building, and talked to
several of the kids there.

On Thursday, we gave a LOT of blessings.  One was to a former member
of the church who had her records removed because of a doubt
concerning the prophet.  She is super nice, and she still has a
testimony of the Book of Mormon.  For some reason, whenever we teach
her, I feel this strong love for her, regardless of the choices she
has made in the past.

So concerning the subject line of this email...  On Saturday, we had a
surprise last minute meeting at the mission office at 7 AM.  I don't
know if you have heard of the creation of the Orem mission, but it
will take effect July 1st.  So the southern part of our mission, i.e.
Bluffdale, Herriman, and Riverton, are all going to the Orem mission.
In addition, Kearns and most of West Jordan (including Copper Hills)
are going to the SLC West mission.  In total, our mission will be
shrunk from 89 stakes to 59.  Several missionaries will also go to
either the Orem or West missions.  I may or may not be one of them.
We'll find out June 17th!

Saturday evening, we had a huge thunderstorm, and Elder Aviles and I
made an awesome video while we went knocking on doors.  It was

Yesterday was great!  We are teaching someone right now who thought
she was a member, but her records are nowhere to be found, so she will
need to be rebaptized.  She has a lot of health problems, and it is
difficult for her to sit for long periods of time.  But yesterday, she
came to church, and even dragged her husband along!   And she really
enjoyed it!  The Ward really reached out to her and welcomed her!  We
also taught (or tried to) a kid with autism.  This was another cool
experience, because he doesn't talk to strangers at all, so when we
tried to talk to him at church, he just wouldn't talk to us (his
mother is an active member).  But we went with him to his primary
class, and at the end, he invited us to go to his house that
afternoon!  We ended up just playing with him for most of the time,
because when we tried to teach him, he wouldn't listen.  But it was a
great experience.

Last night we ate with a Hispanic family that attends an English Ward.
Guess what I ate!  I ate cow tongue!  It was actually pretty good.
The texture was really weird- it was soft and chewy.  But they also
had their grandmother over, who has dementia, so she literally asked
Elder Aviles where he's from about 20 times!  It was funny.

This morning, we went shopping at Sam's Club, and I saw someone from
my first area!  It was actually at her house that I skyped you on
Christmas.  But it was really cool to see her!  Elder Aviles also saw
a ton of friends from previous areas.

That is my week in a nutshell.  I hope things are still going well at
home!  Mom, I actually read my emails on Sunday usually, so don't
worry about being too long!  I love reading your emails!  So what are
summer plans, other than the wedding?  Have a fantastic week!  Ciao!

Elder Jared Weller

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Brief letter

Subject: Brief letter
Date: Mon, 1 Jun 2015 18:01:20 -0600

Querida familia,
This past week was pretty slow.  Most of our appointments cancelled and although we spent a lot of time tracting, we didn't find any new investigators.  But it was a good week nonetheless.  The rain finally stopped, and it got up to 90 degrees yesterday!  It was wonderful!  
On Tuesday, we went downtown to the LDS Family Services, so Elder A..... could talk to a counselor.  While he was in his appointment, I read this month's Ensign.  There are so many great stories in there!  Eduardo Gomez also left on his mission on Tuesday!
On Saturday, we were fed by a Samoan member.  Needless to say, she gave us EACH 3 large pieces of grilled pork, rice, macaroni salad, and chow mien.  We still have a bunch of it in the fridge.  Seriously, we get so much food, and we don't know what to do with it.
Yesterday was great!  We taught a combined relief society and priesthood lesson.  It went so well!
Sorry for the brevity!  I have to go back to work!  But we just had a great district activity at the park.  I'll tell you more later.  Take care! 
Elder Jared Weller