Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Mission #2!

Subject: Mission #2!
Date: Mon, 22 Jun 2015 16:52:50 -0600

Hi everyone!

I loved seeing the pictures of the Father's Day dinner!  A few
coincidences: On Saturday, I also had sandwiches with French dip, and
also, I had IBC root beer last night!  I'll send a picture.

So crazy news!  I am being reassigned to the SLC West mission!
Apparently they will send an "official" call letter to you, if they
haven't already.  But we are getting a new mission president and
everything, so it will be a lot of fun!  I'm still in Copper Hills
with Elder Aviles, but they will be having exchanges again next week.
Rumor has it that they will be moving the South missionaries who are
switching over to the heart of the West mission, so we will see what

Unfortunately, half of our district (the best district ever!) was
transferred out, so we have a few new missionaries from the West
mission.  I'll send some district pictures as well.

So on Wednesday, we went to see one of our investigators.  She knew
that she was going to be baptized, but she was reluctant to set a
specific date.  However, during that lesson, the Spirit whispered a
date to her, and she knew that it was right!  She will be baptized on
July 11th!  We saw her again today, and her entire demeanor has
changed.  She is super happy, and she kept telling us how excited she
is for her baptism.

On Thursday, the Gomez's (our landlords) left for a 3 week trip to
Peru.  I don't know if I already told you, but Sister Gomez's sister
recently had a stroke, and is now living with them.  While they are
gone, the stake has organized for people to go every day to take care
of her.  However, most of them don't speak Spanish, and don't know her
routine, so we typically help out a lot during the morning.  It has
been an interesting experience.

This week was HOT, and it looks like it will stay that way for a
while.  It has broken 100 degrees a couple of times.  I love it, but
at the same time, I'm not used to it yet.  But all things come with
time.  At least I am not having bloody noses anymore!  Solution: put a
little bit of Vaseline into my nose every morning.  It really works!

Those are the highlights from my week!  Things are going well.  I know
Heavenly Father is hearing your prayers for me and for my
investigators!  Have a wonderful week!

Elder Jared Weller

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