Monday, July 13, 2015

A very short synopsis....

 Mon, 6 Jul 2015 

Good afternoon family!

This will be a really short letter, since we have been running around
all day.  It has been a great week!  On Saturday, we worked all day.
We were invited to a neighborhood BBQ, appropriately nicknamed the
"cul-de-sac of Fire".  Later we returned home and cleaned the house
(because the Gomez's were coming home from Peru on Sunday).  Then we
climbed onto the roof and watched fireworks throughout the valley and
sang hymns at the top of our voices.  It was a blast!  I didn't get
very many good pictures, but I will send some.

Yesterday, we taught our friends from Brazil again!  We even did it
without a Portuguese translator!  The gift of tongues is awesome!
Also, the Gomez's came home.  They got us sweaters, satchels, and some
small coin purses!  They are the best!

Today, we went to the mission office in West Valley with M..... so she
she could have a baptismal exception interview with the mission
president.  She was involved in a bad car accident a few years ago,
and she goes through a lot of pain every day.  Apparently, the only
thing that really helps her is something against the Word of Wisdom.
So we gave her a blessing in President Palmer's office, and President
Palmer healed her of her pain!  The Spirit was so strong!  If she
stays clean, she could be baptized on the 18th!  Earlier this week, we
helped her plant a bunch of flowers, and she washed our clothes and
made us dinner.  She is awesome!

I love hearing from everyone!  I'm glad you all made it home safely
that one day!  And Dad, that is so exciting that Brother C......... is
getting baptized!  I hope this week is full of blessings and happiness
for everyone!  Ciao!

Elder Jared Weller

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