Monday, March 2, 2015

Note From the Mom ... Close Encounters

It is really challenging having Shaney and Jared living so close to each other and not being able to see each other.  I think it is only about 25 miles apart.  Talk about torture.  Shaney will often say that she just wants to pick up a phone and call him or text him.  "He is SO close and I can't do anything about it", she often says.  We knew there might be some close calls with those two when Shaney would be in Jared's area running errands or hanging out with friends.  Well, this one was really close.
(Hang with me ...)

My cousin, David Powers King, has recently written a book called Woven.  He had a signing event in Utah at a place called "Jordan Landing" on Friday.  I sent Shaney out to buy two books, one for her and one for Jared and go to the signing to represent our family.  If you read Jared's letter, Jared was at "Jordan Landing" just the day before, on Thursday.  I wonder how long it is actually gonna take before those two run into each other.  I mom can wish.  Sigh...

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