Monday, March 23, 2015

Transfer 2, week 6

Subject: Transfer 2, week 6
Date: Mon, 23 Mar 2015 11:36:33 -0600

Good morning family!

So I have good news and bad news.  The bad news is that we did not
have a baptism yesterday. The Pa family was really busy this
week, and we were not able to finish teaching them the lessons.  But
they are still excited, and we are hoping for next Sunday.  Plus, we
were able to find tickets for General Conference!  We are taking this
family to the Sunday morning session!  I am so excited!

We got a new car and a new phone this week!  Well, kind of.  Our new
car isn't brand new, unfortunately, but it's a red Toyota Corolla, one
of the few red cars in the mission.  So that brings us to the phone.
We were doing some service this week for a member of our branch, who
does paint and body work on cars.  We were scrubbing some body panels
to prepare them for paint, and Elder Aguilar dropped the phone in a
bucket of water.  The phone was fine, but the battery would not charge

The temple was amazing!  It was so peaceful, and the spirit was really
strong.  From Oquirrh Mountain, you can see both the Draper and Jordan
River temples.  Only in Utah can you see 3 temples while standing in
one place!  I will have to go to Deseret Book soon and buy a temple
pin for Oquirrh Mountain.  Hopefully by the end of my mission, I will
have one for all three of our temples, plus one for Salt Lake.

We had interviews with President Chambers on Wednesday.  It was super
informal.  President Chambers just asked me how I am doing, and we
talked about the importance of prayer.  He also said hi to y'all!

We have an investigator right now who has gone through a lot lately,
and we believe that she is struggling to have faith in Christ.  She is
a single mother of three, and she didn't have very much furniture in
her apartment.  We were able to give her a set of couches, that
another family in the branch didn't want anymore.  She was so excited
when we brought them in!  I think she is beginning to have more
interest in the church.  We are also getting our Relief Society
president involved, who is super awesome!  I believe that she will
really help us with this investigator.

We had a FHE on Saturday with the Pa family (the ones getting
baptized) and with the Dz's, who went to Temple Square with us.  We
showed them the Restoration movie, and they loved it.  They also came
to church yesterday for the third time, which is the minimum
requirement to be baptized!

We had branch conference yesterday.  In Priesthood, we talked about
faith and true conversion.  The teacher used a really cool object
lesson.  He showed us a cucumber and a pickle, and asked how we can
turn the cucumber into a pickle.  Someone said vinegar, so he poured
some vinegar over the cucumber, and asked if it was now a pickle.  The
point of the lesson was that it takes time to become fully converted.
It takes a lifetime of following the commandments and doing our best.

The weather has been super nice this week.  It was in the 70's.  Also,
the trees and plants are coming back to life, and the grass is
starting to turn green again!  It is wonderful!

Also, Elder Aguilar and I have started running (again).  There is a
park at the end of our street, with a big water retention field.  We
run there, and then run around the field.

Transfers are this week!  I hope that both Elder Aguilar and I stay
here.  I love this area!

That is about everything for this week.  We are really working on
finding new investigators, but we are having a fireside for the branch
next Sunday, where we will help the members to practice sharing the
gospel.  We really hope this will help us.  The church is true.  This
becomes even more evident to me as I continue to experience miracles
in this area.  I read an awesome devotional this week by Elder Tad R.
Callister called "What is the blueprint of Christ's church?".  Elder
Callister proves that the church is true just by using New Testament
scriptures.  I really recommend it.  Have a fantastic week everyone!

Elder Jared Weller

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  1. That is pretty special that you can take your investigators to Temple Square.