Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Another awesome week!

Subject: Another awesome week!
Date: Mon, 6 Apr 2015 12:52:19 -0600

Dear family,

Things are going well here.  The actual work is going pretty slow.  We
had a lot of appointments this week, but some way or another, most of
them fell through.  Also, we have not been finding any new
investigators.  But General Conference definitely motivated me to keep working. 

Monday, we washed and detailed our car.  It looked really good
afterward, but with the arrival of spring and all of the pollen
floating around, it is dirty again.  It looks like we are going in
again today!  After cleaning the car, we played volleyball with our
district.  We didn't have a net, so we just improvised.  But we had a
lot of fun.

Tuesday, we just ran around doing the work; meeting people, sharing
the gospel, etc.

Wednesday, my companion got transferred.
Just kidding! April fools!  But we did go on exchanges with the other
elders in our district.  I went with Elder Koo again, the Korean I
told you guys about.  We had a great time, and got a lot done.  We had
a delicious dinner with an older couple in the stake.  Classic meat
loaf, mashed potatoes, brown sugar carrots, and rolls, with
razzleberry pie for dessert (a combo of raspberry, blackberry, and
blueberry).  Then we had a great lesson with a young investigator, who
is 10 years old.  She is ready for baptism, but we want to make sure
that her parents will support her.  They are okay with her being
baptized, but as of yet they have not taken her to church or
activities.  But the mom, who is less active, committed to watch
conference with her.  We hope it will motivate her.

On Thursday morning, we had a zone meeting, which went really well.
That afternoon, we met a guy who was not a member, but when he saw us,
he told us how his friend had just lost his daughter.  He asked us to
pray with him.  That was an amazing experience.  I know that the Lord
guided us to be in the right place at the right time.

On Friday, we taught someone from Hawaii.  He lives with his cousin
right now, but the rest of his family is moving here soon, and he will
be moving out of our area.  But it was cool to meet him.  We also gave
a blessing to the 17 day old baby of one of our investigators.

Saturday, we watched conference with members.  We also finally got in
touch with the Perilla family, who just moved to West Valley.  We
invited them to go to conference with us Sunday morning, but only the
mom was able to go.

Sunday morning, we rode Trax into Salt Lake for conference.
Unfortunately, we then received a text from Sister Perilla, saying
that she wouldn't be able to make it.  So we gave our extra tickets to
some people, who were asking for them.  There were actually a lot of
people standing outside, asking for extra tickets.  The session was
AMAZING!  When President Monson walks into the room, the spirit is so
strong!  Also, it was an awesome experience to be there when Elder
Holland AND President Uchtdorf spoke!  I loved Elder Holland's story
about the brother being there, and never leaving.  It was a great
reminder that Christ is always by our side and that his arms are
stretched out to us.  Salt Lake is definitely THE best place to serve
a mission!

Last night, we had two dinners.  We started out at our actual
appointment, where we had Peruvian style tuna casserole and fruit
salad.  Then, we went to visit a less active family, who were eating
their Easter ham, so they offered us some.  We were both stuffed, but
what can you do as a missionary?  The rest of the night we visited
some more people and gave a blessing to someone who was not feeling

So we literally just had a miracle happen!  The cousin of the Hawaiian
we taught last week now wants to take the discussions!  I am so happy
right now!

There is my week!  I am glad to hear that everyone had a great week!
I hope you all have a fantastic spring break.  Send pictures!  I hope
you all had a chance to reflect on the resurrection of Christ
yesterday.  I definitely did (but how can you not when you are in the
same room as the prophet!).  I know that he lives, and that because he
lives, we can conquer death, both physical and spiritual.  I know that
through Christ, we can live with our families forever in the presence
of God.  This is the beautiful message that I share every day.

Elder Jared Weller

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  1. I can feel the spirit as I read his letters. What a wonderful opportunity he has having Temple Square as a teaching tool.