Tuesday, April 14, 2015


Subject: Spring?
Date: Mon, 13 Apr 2015 12:32:33 -0600

Hi everyone!  So the subject line refers to Utah weather.  Every day
this week has been warm and sunny.  Except for Wednesday, when it was
snowing.  Fortunately, though, it didn't stick for very long.

This week was great! On Monday, we had a zone activity, where we
played speedball again.  Then Elder Aviles and I went to get a
haircut.  We decided to go to Sport Clips, which was a mistake.  They
gave me a good haircut, but was pricey!  Later that evening, we
correlated with one of our WMLs, and he gave us 3/4 of a lemon pie.
Next, we went to visit a less active, and while we were talking to
her, out of the blue, E. Aviles says "hey, do you want some pie?  We
have a pie in the car." At first, she told us that she was okay, but
once we told her that it was lemon, she said "actually, I've been
craving something lemon the past few days".  So we brought her pie and
were able to chat with her for a while.  The Lord definitely works in
mysterious ways.

Tuesday, we had district meeting, and then we made Ask the
Missionaries posters.  Nothing else very exciting happened.

Wednesday was Zone Conference.  We sung "This is the Christ" for our
musical number, and it went super well!  And guess who I saw?  *Sister
Adrie Patton!  It is such a small world!  Sister Chambers led a
discussion about having "fire in the bones", or in other words,
keeping ourselves always motivated.  That evening, we had our first
lesson with B......, our miracle from Monday.  He was super prepared,
and apparently, on Easter Sunday, he just knew that it was time to
learn more about the church.  He accepted to be baptized later this

On Thursday, we got kicked out of our house, because our branch
president's daughter came for the weekend.  So we ended up staying
with the other elders in our district until just this morning. They
actually have their own apartment, so we had a lot of fun.  We also
had lunch with one of our WMLs, at Zupas.  It was delicious!  Nothing
much else happened that day.

Friday, we had an exchange with the zone leaders.  I went with Elder
McKinney again.  We spent a lot of time walking around and talking to
EVERYBODY in the apartments, and we found a couple of potential
investigators.  That evening, we had another lesson with B.......
Still going strong!  His wife, who is a member, has been reading and
praying with him, which helps us a lot. Also, he is already planning
his baptism!  How much more golden can you get?

On Saturday morning, before finishing the exchange, Elder McKinney and
I went to work some more.  We found another potential investigator,
and we also talked to a member who served his mission in Snohomish.
Also, the RSP of that ward grew up in Snohomish.  Do you recognize the
name Joy King?  Anyway, that afternoon, Elder Aviles and I did a lot
of service for people in the apartments, and then we taught a less
active.  That evening, we went out with the Blandas, our senior
missionary couple, and we met a guy who is really into hunting.  He
has elk and deer heads hanging all over his house.  But he was a
pretty cool guy.

Yesterday was the craziest day of my life!  We decided that we would
bear our testimony in every single ward in the stake.  We have 10
wards!  Meanwhile, we had to confirm the Pa family in the Spanish
branch.  I also gave a name and a blessing to their 5 year old son.  I
am so happy for them!  But we were literally running around all day to
make each sacrament meeting.  Luckily, we had Daniel, our RM with us,
so a couple times we ended up splitting so that we could make every
meeting.  But we did it!  We also ended up teaching a young women's
class.  Last night, we taught B...... again.  Still solid!  AND he
went to church yesterday and loved it!

So there you go, another busy week from the mission field.  I love
hearing from everyone and seeing pictures.  Thanks Mom!  I have not
gotten your package yet, but I will probably get it this afternoon.
After bearing my testimony and feeling the Spirit all day yesterday, I
know without a doubt that the church is true!

Love you!

Elder Jared Weller

P.s.  See you on May 10!

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* (Note from Mom) Sister Adrie Patton was a young woman who came to live with a family in our ward last year.  She and Jared became friends.  And now they are serving in the same mission.  It's a small world, after all!

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  1. Not spring today. Snow and wind. I love reading about his experiences. You can tell he has the spirit of Missionary Work. Awesome!