Monday, April 20, 2015

Winter in April

So we met a family that has baby ducks.
"Patito" means "little duck"

in Spanish.  They were so cute!
Subject: Winter in April
Date: Mon, 20 Apr 2015 12:47:04 -0600

Hi family!

I hope you got the picture.  We had the craziest weather this week!
Tuesday, around noon, it got really windy, and the wind was kicking
up a bunch of dust, so the air was really hazy.  Then, later in the
afternoon, it started to rain mud!  But just when we thought it
couldn't get any weirder, it snowed on Wednesday!  Utah weather...

The storm did give us lots of opportunities to serve.  We shoveled a
lot of driveways on Wednesday.  Service has been one of our main
focuses this transfer.  We want to make sure that the stake members
know that we want to serve them.  That is how we plan to gain their
trust, and hopefully, they will start inviting more of their friends
to meet with us.

Other than the crazy weather, it was a great week!  Our investigator,
B....., is getting baptized on Saturday!  He is reading and praying
with his wife every day, and he is always hungry to learn more about
the gospel!  He considers himself a "private investigator".  He is so
funny!  We had the opportunity to take them to temple square on
Friday, and it was amazing!  The Spirit is always so strong there!

On Thursday, we were at a part-member family's home, and my companion
pocket dialed 911.  They called us back, I answered, and had to tell
them that everything was okay.  She even asked me if I was thinking
clearly.  I wanted to say "of course I'm thinking clearly, I'm a
missionary!"  But I didn't.  That was a close call, though!

Church was exciting, as always, when you are attending 3-4 wards every
week!  We are organizing a youth choir to do a musical number at
B......'s baptism.  I am so excited!

Last night, we taught a less active girl.  Her father is active, but
she is a bit confused.  The awesome thing is, we didn't even know
about her when we went to meet their family, but we ended up teaching
her.  The Lord guides us to people in the coolest ways sometimes!

It is great to hear that everyone is doing well!  Mom, I love seeing
how the living room is changing!  You definitely should consider going
into the business!  Have another fantastic week!  Enjoy the warm
weather!  Please continue to pray for me and for my investigators.  It
definitely helps.  

I love you!

Elder Jared Weller

So this was last Sunday,
when we were staying with the other elders in

our district.  Isn't it beautiful?

We had a snowstorm Wednesday!
It probably snowed about 4 inches.

But by Thursday afternoon, it had almost all melted.

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