Monday, April 27, 2015


Subject: Baptism!
Date: Mon, 27 Apr 2015 12:46:34 -0600

Dear family,

This week was fantastic!  The work is really starting to pick up in
this stake.  B......n was baptized on Saturday, and we all had a great
spiritual experience there.  We also found a new investigator in
Spanish, which is great, considering how little time we spend working
in Spanish now.  We also got a lot of rain, and even a couple
thunderstorms.  It reminded me of home.

So on Monday, we went and took a small photo shoot at a park in
Copperton.  Nothing else really happened that day.

On Tuesday, Elder Aviles had a district leader meeting, so I spent the
morning with the other two district leaders' companions.
Coincidentally, we are all on Spanish assignment.  We spent the whole
morning studying, and then knocked on a few doors in one of the other
elders' area.  That evening, we met with B.....n (we met with him
every day this week to prepare him for his baptism).

On Wednesday, we had a zone meeting to learn about the new area book
planner app that we can now use on the iPad.  It is super cool.  We
now have all of our teaching records on there, and we plan our day on
it.  The app even keeps track of all of our numbers, so we can report
them at the end of each week.  That evening, we had 3 great lessons (2
of them unplanned) and B.....n passed his baptismal interview.

On Thursday, we had a great lesson with a less active member who wants
to come back to church, but something has been holding him back.  We
followed the Spirit, and were able to find his concern.  I know the
Spirit really touched his heart that day.

On Friday, we taught Mila..., our new investigator.  She has a really
strong relationship with God, and we were able to have a really good
discussion with her.  That evening, we met with B.....n one more time
and we all shared our testimonies and love for each other.  He has
such a strong testimony, after only 2 weeks of investigating.  It's

Saturday was the baptism!!  While we were filling up the font, we ran
into Brother Anderson, who was setting up for a luncheon in the gym,
so we helped him with that.  He's the one who sent you the picture.
I'm so glad you got it!  The baptism was awesome!  B.....n's wife and
her family are all members, so they came in from all over to see
B.....n be baptized.  The Spirit was so strong!  Seven years of prayer
were answered that day (of his wife and her family)!  I will send
pictures when I get them.

Yesterday, we went on splits all day, to attend more wards.  We
confirmed B.....n, and I taught sharing time in primary alone.  But it
went well!  That evening, we had a small missionary fireside for a
ward, and even though we didn't have very much time to prepare, it
went super well.

Well family, that is all.  Being a missionary is awesome!  I'm glad
Shaney got home safely and is enjoying herself ;) .  I love you all!
I will talk to you in two weeks!


Elder Jared Weller

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