Monday, January 26, 2015

A Mother's Prayer

November 4, 2014

Eighteen and some years ago, Heavenly Father, You gave this beautiful boy to me.  He was busy and noisy and very smart and drove me crazy at times.  I was sure I would never survive him.  As the years went by this noisy, busy, smart little boy settled down.  He went to school reading circles around all his kindergarten friends, and even some of the second graders at his school.  He struggled to have friends because he was always the very youngest and the very smartest boy in his class.  He grew up to have more friends than he knew.  The general consensus with all who knew him was that he was quiet, funny and very smart.  And when he quietly spoke, everyone listened.  He faithfully did all the things that he was asked to do and fulfilled all of his priesthood assignments.  He is such a good boy!  And then suddenly one day something happened.  This boy became my best friend.  This little boy who was quickly becoming a man was one of the very best gifts You could have ever given me.  I cherish this young man and adore him.  He has been mine for 18 years to love and care for, to teach and be taught, to hold and comfort and be comforted, and to occasionally have a roucus and silly good time.  Now I give him back to You for the next two years.  Please, oh please, watch over him.  Protect this boy that I love so much.  Bless him to always have the things that he needs.  Bless him to be happy and safe and healthy.  Bless him to find joy and success in all that he does.  Bless him to always know how much he is loved and missed at home.  And bless my tender heart that I can let him go to do this important thing for You.  Bless my aching heart to know that he is leaving his family for a short time so that others can be with theirs for an eternity.  And lastly, please bring him back to me when he is done.  And thank you for letting me have him as my son.


On November 5, 2014 we took Elder Weller to the Sea-Tac airport for his flight to Mexico City.  There he was to begin his training at the MTC to speak the Spanish language in his mission.  We got him all checked in and then took him to security.  We hugged him good-bye and refrained from any tears and then we watched him go through the line until we could see him no more.  Jared never looked back.  We got into the car and quietly began our lonely drive home without him.  Dave was the first one to have a tear roll down his cheek.  I followed with huge bursts of sobbing.  And now it begins.  I am a missionary mom and now I KNOW what all those mothers go through when they have the ULTIMATE test of "letting go".  I did it.  And now I am counting on the next 24 months to fly by.  I miss him already.

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