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Subject: Halfway!
Date: Tue, 25 Nov 2014 13:56:15 -0600

Buenas tardes familia,
     This week just flew by!  I can´t believe that I am already halfway through my stay here!

Well, this morning, we went to the Visitor Center at the temple.  It is SO beautiful.  They have a Christus statue that faces the street, and the whole building is decorated so well.  The temple is also really beautiful.  I will send pictures when I can.  They are starting to put the Christmas lights up there, which is kind of funny, because it is really sunny and about 75 degrees today.  I bought some things at the bookstore there, including really cool scripture cases, a traditional Mexican backpack, and some presents!  I will send them when I get to Salt Lake.
     Guess what?!  I joined the MTC choir on Sunday!  On the 14th of December (my LAST Sunday here), we will be singing at the visitor´s center, so I will get to see the Christmas lights.  
     My language is improving a lot!  On Thursday, we did something called TRC (Teaching Resources Center), where we teach a lesson to someone that they invite to the MTC.  Elder Hamilton and I taught the most adorable old man, who has been a member for 20 years.  He was really impressed when we told him that we both have experience in Spanish.  He shared Isaiah 52:7 with us, which is the one that talks about how beautiful upon the mountains are the feet of those who preach the gospel.  That is one of my favorite scriptures now!  

     Sunday was a really good day.  I blessed the sacrament AND gave a talk on the Apostasy, all in Spanish.  I was really nervous at the beginning of my talk, but I became more comfortable as it went on.  Speaking of, we saw our branch president at the visitor´s center today!  He is a lawyer for the church, so he was on his way to a meeting.  Anyway, we also watched a devotional given by Elder Holland a few years ago.  He is such a powerful speaker!  He talked about how we need to become converted before we can help others become converted.  He also reinforced the fact that we are teaching people, not lessons, so we need to learn about our investigators and about what they need, and base our lessons off of that.  Sunday evening, we watched 3 shorter videos instead of one long one.  We watched a clip that the church has put out that explains the garment.  They compare it to the religious clothing worn by other cultures.  I suggest that you guys watch it.  It´s on lds.org.  Then we watched the story of John Tanner, who gave his entire fortune to the church to help build the Kirtland Temple.  Then, we watched "Finding Faith in Christ", which is just a beautiful display of the miracles and love that Christ showed during His earthly ministry.  
     Now, let´s talk about food.  We had really good hamburgers on Friday or Saturday, and they serve really good sub sandwiches on Sunday mornings.  We also have really good enchiladas a lot.  The weirdest meal I´ve had here was probably lunch on Sunday.  We had enchiladas in mole sauce (mol-ay), which is basically chocolate mixed with peppers.  I don´t think any of us Americans really liked it.  The Tienda (store) has some pretty good stuff as well.  they have Kinder bars, which are kind of like Kit Kats, but better.  They also have Milch bars, which are really good, but I can´t explain exactly what they are.  Maybe I will send some home.

     My district and zone (there are 3 districts in my zone) are awesome!  Everyone has such a strong testimony, and we have all come to love each other,  One of the elders in our zone shared a poem with us last night that he wrote for a competition at home in Massachusetts.  It was about how the church is like a hospital, and although you feel sad or guilty or maybe awkward there sometimes, the feelings of peace and happiness far outweigh them.  It was also about how he wants to be remembered, not by his name, but by who he was, and what he did.  It was really creative and well written.  We have had some interesting conversations in our bedroom lately.  A few nights ago, we decided that Tarzan probably took place in Vietnam!  Haha!
     Apparently, I have really nice ties. I have gotten several compliments on several of them.  A couple of weeks ago, Elder Hamilton took two ties, cut them in half, and sewed two different halves together so that the knot is different from the rest of the tie.  I will have to send a picture sometime.  Also, tie trading parties are pretty big here among the Elders.  I haven´t participated in any though, because I like all of my ties!
     I believe that´s about everything.  All is going well.  The weather is beautiful, the people are great, and the Spirit is strong!  I hope everything is going well at home (especially you, Mom,  I will be praying for you:).  Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!  I know that this is the true church of Jesus Christ, and that His gospel has been fully restored in these the latter days.  I know that the Church is led by a prophet of God today, and that he holds all of the priesthood keys to guide the church.  I know that the message I have been called to share as a representative of Jesus Christ is true, and that it has brought, and will bring, peace to millions of Heavenly Father´s children.  I know that he has blessed our family in so many ways, especially in the past few weeks.  I love you all!
Elder Weller

p.s. Mom, all of my clothes should be clean.  Don´t worry about the ones under my bed.  Thank you for everything!

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