Sunday, February 1, 2015

Happy New Year!

Subject: Happy New Year!
Date: Mon, 5 Jan 2015 16:36:03 -0700

Hi family!!!
     This week has been great (I think I say that every week).  But really.  We had a zone training meeting on New Year's Eve, where we learned about obedience as well as the importance of inviting people to commit to doing something, and then following up on that commitment.  We started using the church building blocks that I got from Beehive Books to teach the first lesson (apostasy and restoration).  This is a great object lesson that shows how the church falls when there are no prophets or apostles.  We taught the first lesson about 5 times this week!  We found 7 new investigators this week, including a family of 4.  On New Year's Day we found someone who was ready, and accepted to be baptized!  That just goes to show how the Lord prepares people to hear the gospel.  We are also working on reactivating a family, and the wife came to church yesterday and loved it!  She calls me "hermanito", or "little brother".  So the work is going great!  As a mission, we had 1105 convert baptisms in the year of 2014, or about 92/month, which is above average.
     The snow is still here, (I guess Shaney would know that) but none of it is new.  It is finally melting though.  Today, it got up to about 50 degrees.  which is like a tropical paradise after several days below freezing. 
     Elder Erazo had to get a root canal this morning.  And guess what?!  The endodontist, Dr. Sonnenberg, knew Uncle John.  So I thought that was cool.
     On Friday (I think), we brought an RM with us for a few hours to some lessons and to tract with us.  He made us some CDs of the Lower Lights, which is a group that sings hymns and other Christ centered songs.  They are amazing!
     On Sunday, I bore my testimony in Sacrament, and then afterward several people came up to me and congratulated me on my Spanish.  I guess I'm better than I give myself credit for.
     That's about all the highlights of this week.  Sorry it is so short!  Mom, they really don't want you to send things to the member's homes.  And we still have SO MUCH FOOD from Christmas, and we even threw away half of it!  So don't worry about that.  We live with an older couple whose kids are all grown and moved out.  We ate breakfast with them on Christmas morning.  And we have a dinner appointment every night except Mondays.  Speaking of, you should be receiving a letter from a family who fed us the other night. :)  I am still struggling with the language, but it is coming along slowly but surely.  I know the church is true, and that through obedience to the commandments, we can find happiness and return to live with our Heavenly Father.
Take care (Cuidense)!
Elder Jared Weller

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