Monday, February 2, 2015

West Jordan Week 6

Subject: West Jordan Week 6
Date: Mon, 2 Feb 2015 14:20:57 -0700

Good afternoon family!
This week went pretty well.  I was going to surprise you about the iPads,  (see*below) but I guess Pres Whipple beat me to it.  We also got new devices in our cars that track our driving, and are supposed to warn us when we are speeding or not wearing seatbelts. However, we don't think that ours works, because it never tells us anything.  What are gas prices up there like?  Because up here, they are in the $1.50's.  Also, I saw that the Seahawks lost Superbowl... not that I care;)  Dad, that is so cool that you are the missionary prep teacher!  I will definitely send suggestions as I think of them.
Anyway, on Tuesday, we had our last district meeting with Elder Hall, who is dying (going home) next week.  That evening, since we didn't have a dinner appointment, we went to Winger's with Elders Hall and Reyes, and I had the best bacon cheeseburger I have ever had.  Later that evening, we went to meet the G family, who the English elders had been teaching.  The kids will be baptized later this month, and hopefully, so will their mother.  We also visited a potential investigator, who lost her dad to cancer when she was young.  She gave the closing prayer, and she called us "wonderful gentlemen".  We haven't been able to teach her again yet, but hopefully we will this week.
On Wednesday, we got kicked out of an apartment complex!  Not really actually, a guy just nicely asked us not to go door to door.  Other than that, we had a few appointments, which went really well.
Thursday was Zone Conference.  Sister Chambers led a really good discussion about the light of Christ.  We listed off different scripture stories that talk about light, and then we watched a short video by Elder Bednar about the light of Christ.  Look it up!  It is a 3-part series.  At the end of zone conference, we listened to the testimonies of each of the missionaries who are going home, including Elder Hall.  That evening, we taught the G family again.  That's about it for that day.
Friday, we taught the G kids the 10 commandments using fingers.  Even 9 year old Tavo paid attention!  For adultery, I taught them that it means we cannot live with someone we are not married to.  (More on that later)!
Saturday was beautiful and warm.  We took Lola, who will be baptized hopefully at the end of the month, on a tour of the stake center.  Her mom was in town, so she came as well.  She seems really open to learning more about the church!  Later, we taught someone whom the Sisters in our district have been teaching.  We brought a member who had gone off the path for several years, but had an amazing experience with prayer that helped him to come back.  Hearing his experience was awesome!  That evening, we had really good tamales for dinner.  We visited the G's again (we call it PDC, or positive daily contact).  Remember what I said about teaching the kids about adultery?  We had been worried that their mom's boyfriend might be living with them, and that evening, Tavo totally called them out on it!  On the way back to the car, Elder Erazo and I were laughing so hard!
Sunday, we were not able to get anyone to come to church, which was a bit disappointing.  In Gospel Principles, we talked about the Millenium.  I am so excited for 1000 years of peace!  That afternoon, we ate with some recent converts, and they fed us pastor tacos, which is essentially pork and pineapple.  It was really good!  While tracting that evening, we met a less active girl, and taught her a little bit about prayer, right on her doorstep.  Hopefully, we will reactivate her family.  The rest of the evening, we just visited members and less actives.
That is about everything from my week.  All is well!  That reminds me, the other elder that Elder Erazo trained is Elder Sewell, so we both have "well" in our names.  At zone conference, Elder Erazo made the joke that "All is well with my sons!"  (Son is missionary jargon for someone you train).  I hope everyone has a great week!  Hasta luego!
Elder Jared Weller 

* The missionaries in Jared's mission are all getting ipads, which the parents have to pay for.  We don't mind.  It will be something that Jared gets to bring home with him when he is finished with his mission.  Jared is super excited.  He was hoping his mission would be one of the areas that got them!

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