Monday, February 23, 2015

It's my half-birthday!

Subject: It's my half-birthday!
Date: Mon, 23 Feb 2015 11:58:10 -0800

Hey family! 
My half-birthday probably isn't a big deal, but it was worth mentioning! This week was great!  I love my new area, my new branch, and my new companion!  I wasn't able to write in my journal much this week, so bear with me.
Monday, we were here at the stake center until about 2:00, because since my comp is District Leader, we had to stay until everyone in the district was done emailing.  We passed the time by planning how to kill a rabbit on the chalkboard.  Then we went to a zone activity, where we played speedball (soccer/basketball) and soccer chair, a game where everyone sets up a chair and you try to hit other people's chairs with the ball to get them out.  I also got some fudge from Gma and Gpa Weller.  Thank you!
We spent most of the week meeting the members, visiting less-actives (there are a lot in our branch), and trying to find new investigators.  On Wednesday, we received a text from someone in the branch presidency, asking us to speak about missionary work in sacrament meeting.  More about that later.  On Friday night, we went to Copperton (a tiny old mining town on the western edge of the valley) to interview 3 young girls for baptism, whom had been taught by some other elders in our district.  On Saturday, we went to their baptism, which was awesome!  There is a family in our area book that the previous elders had been teaching.  We haven't been able to teach them yet, but we met them and they seem really excited to talk to us!  Watching the baptismon Saturday renewed mine and Elder Aguilar's desires to baptize this transfer.  I have faith that we will baptize this family, as well as some other people we are teaching.
Ryan's experience with the dog at the beach reminded me: I have had some pretty funny experiences with dogs.  One family in the branch has a dog who is super hyper, and is always jumping all over us. It's so funny!  Also, we watched the Clausen's dog, an old border collie, while they went to St George for the weekend.  Kelly, the dog, kept drinking out of the toilets, so we had to close the bathroom doors and put out a bowl of water for her.  But last night, Sister Clausen showed us some pics she took in Zion NP, and it was green!  Apparently, at this time, plants grow in the crevices of the rocks.  A spring trip to Zion is now on my bucket list!
On Thursday (or Friday?), we went to Panda Express for dinner with an English speaking family (we eat one week with members of the branch and then one week with an English ward).  I LOVE orange chicken!  We also ate lunch one day at Pizza Pie Cafe.  
Elder Aguilar made a little figure out of a copper wire, and we named him Elder Cooper.  We made a couple videos where Elder Aguilar was playing with it and making some pretty funny sound effects.  It reminded me of Toy Story!  Elder Aguilar and I get along really well.  It turns out that he loves Avatar and Marvel as well!
Saturday, it snowed a little bit, but it didn't stick.  Directly over us, the sky was clear, but you could see millions of little snowflakes blowing over us from a cloud to the north.  I have never seen that before!
Sunday morning, we finished writing our talks (we had a little bit done already, but as missionaries, we never have much spare time).  Luckily, church doesn't start until 11.  My talk went really well!  Right now, I try to speak fast, but my mouth can't form the words fast enough, and I mess up a lot.  But afterward, people were telling me that I speak really well for only being in the field for 2 months.  I am starting to have times where I think in Spanish.  It's weird!  Also, when I'm saying my personal prayer before bed, I think "Please bless this person tambien... I mean also!"  
Last night, I was talking about Yellowstone with the family we ate dinner with, and they said that you have a good chance of seeing bears if you are in the Mammoth area in the morning.  Just in case you guys decide to go again!  Also, they should be emailing you a picture!
Well, I love you all and I hope you have a great week!
Elder Jared Weller

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